What's my home worth?

That's not as easy as it sounds. 

Sure, you could go on Zillow, plug in your address and their algorhythm will churn out a number, BUT IT'S NOT ACCURATE.  Here's why.  Zillow (and other automated systems like that) lump together all the homes in your region and give you an average.  Think about it, if your home is next to a very exclusive neighborhood the average amount show a grossly inflated value for your home.  Or, if you live next to the lower end of town, your home gets lumped in with slum properties and the price shown is way below what it's worth.

Zillow doesn't take into account your EXACT location, what your home interior is like, who your neighbors are, nuances of your neighborhood that affect property value or upgrades and modifications you've done.  Zillow doesn't make recommendations of inexpensive upgrades you can do that will DRAMATICALLY increase the value of your home.  Only a realtor can do that...and we never sell your information.

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