The Top 3 Things Home Buyers should know!

Last week we talked about three major things you should know before selling your home, but what should buyers look for? In our interview with JR, he mentioned these three things: Get qualified with an awesome local lender, find an agent that you trust to tell you the truth about the homes you see, and take all the decision makers with you to see each home. Doing these three things will help significantly lower your stress levels, once your offer is accepted.

The right lender can save you hassle and headaches. If they have a great reputation, then you are more likely to win the bidding war or get a better deal on the house you want. The more liked and thorough they are, the easier this process will be for everyone involved--which is a great incentive for sellers to choose your offer!

It is easy to miss important details like dealing with hidden costs, missing permits, city fees, and etc., which can make this process a nightmare for you and everyone involved. The right agent is going to care about your needs when helping you buy a home. They will listen and give their honest opinion on each property and will give their realistic opinion on whether the property is worth buying or not, for the price being asked. Here at the JR McGee Real Estate Team, our Agents are trained to be your guide and advocate for you during the home-buying process. 

Bring all the decision makers to see all of the homes you like, not just the one you’ve set your mind on. Giving your family members options allows them to see what you see. You will want everyone to sign off on the home and make sure they love it just as much as you, or it could waste a lot of time and cause a lot of stress later on. Sometimes, it can even make a deal fall through which isn’t good for anyone! Bringing your family with you right away and asking for their honest opinion helps eliminate problems and ease anxiety later on.

If you aren’t sure where to start after this, book an appointment with us and we can give you more insight into the home buying process and what you need in order to find and get your dream home. Our agents are trained in negotiation skills, know the market, and have great relationships with many other agents in town. They will be able to give you sound advice, show you what to look for during walkthroughs, and work with you to get home that is in your budget. Our goal is to give you a 5-star, worry-free Real Estate experience!

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