An Interview with the Owner, J.R. McGee

J.R. McGee Real Estate Team
An interview with the Owner: JR McGee

Buying or selling a home is a complex process with massive challenges that include: legal paperwork, hidden costs, inspections, communications, and negotiations. Just finding a home and beating the competition of other buyers or sellers is stressful enough, and that’s all before any of the real work starts. Most people find this long process highly stressful, frustrating, tedious, and confusing.
The primary goal of the J.R. McGee Real Estate Team is to make sure every client enjoys a 5-Star, worry free experience. This is why we have invested heavily in an outstanding support team and agents that love to hustle, are constantly learning, and care deeply for our clients.
J.R. McGee has almost 30 years of experience in the Real Estate industry. He has personally invested in real estate, renovated properties, owned rentals, and worked successfully through the process with a multitude of buyers and sellers. We decided to interview J.R. McGee to discover more about the Real Estate industry, how it has changed, and learn about the innovative approaches JR is taking with his company.

Why did you (J.R.) get into Real Estate, initially?
“When I graduated from Anderson University in 1992. I had several degrees in Computer Science, Education, and Marketing. I had no idea that those 3 degrees would be so important in the Real Estate Industry. A friend of mine ran the largest real estate company in the region and he needed an administrative assistant. I started working for him and quickly worked myself out of an administrative role and I hired my own administrative assistants. Truthfully I didn't even know what real estate was when I started, but my friend thought I had focus and determination to do well. If I had known how hard this journey would actually have been, I probably would never have entered this career. In reality, this industry is perfect for me. It takes someone a little strange to succeed in real estate and I am so grateful I have toughed it out since 1992.”

How has Real Estate changed in the last 30 years?
“When I first started all the homes were found in a book that was published once a month. I would also pursue other agents and share my information with them, and even promote their listings.  No cell phones. Just flyers, one on one meetings with other agents, and taking agents on tours of our listings so their clients would know what we had. Today everything can be found online at  It is interesting that the massive amount of information available has confused people today, and only made what we do more valuable."
"In the beginning the contract we used was one page. We had to write massive addendums to explain all the potential problems. Technically we are lawyers in a very specific part of Real Estate law. We literally wrote the contracts then. Now we have boilerplate agreements that grow to the size of volumes of encyclopedias by the time of closing. Buyers and Sellers have changed even more now as well. They are way more loyal. Clients rely on us as advisors today more than ever.”

What are some of the biggest lessons you've learned in the Real Estate Business?
“Work hard, pursue the highest degree of excellence, and don't get competitive with others. Instead, I compete against myself, improve everyday, and bless my competitors because they are my business partners. Real estate has lots of ups and downs. Just keep moving forward and stay steady. The Providential provision is real. Contribute to the success of others in real estate. When I help others succeed, I don't have to worry about my success. It is very important that agents have good boundaries and take time to rest, as well. There are a million ways to stay working now that didn't exist before.”

What are three things people should know before buying or selling a home?
1. Get qualified with an awesome local lender. A bad lender can make you lose your dream home.
2. Find an agent that you trust to tell you the truth about the homes you see.
3. Take all the decision makers with you to see the homes."

1. Ask me to give you a reality check on the value of your home.
2. Follow the packing and staging process before buyers see the home.
3. If you over-price your home, you will lose money."

What was your motivation to start your own Real Estate company?
“The real estate industry is broken and has destroyed some really awesome agents. Most people quit real estate within 2 years. My mission is to equip 8 agents to maintain an intense focus while serving over 300 families a year by December 31, 2024. Agents, clients, & supporting services deserve a 5 Star, worry free, profitable, Real Estate Experience that also upgrades our community.”

No one is great at everything and when agents try to do everything alone, they burn out. With that in mind, we are building a unified team of dedicated professionals to give every client, both past and present, a 5-Star experience. We are constantly innovating and creating streamlined processes, building specific manageable roles, and supporting our clients as they discover a neighbor in need. From Marketing, and Agents, to our Admin, Client Care, and what we call “Gift of Joy;” every part of our team is dedicated to this 5-Star worry free real estate experience in Redding; where the world wants to live!


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