Buying a home doesn't have to be confusing. These 10 steps will save you time, money and stress.

Real Estate, Real Easy.

A 10 Step Guide to Home Buying

If you’re unclear on the process, buying a home is one of the most stressful things you’ll do in life.  It’s a huge investment and the process can seem confusing.  You’ll save yourself time, money and significant stress if you have an experienced realtor to guide you.  (Know anyone like that?!)

For nearly 30 years I’ve been guiding clients to their new homes.  While it’s true that there are a lot of unknowns, there are 10 KNOWN steps which, when followed, make a simple, streamlined, worry free buying experience.  

They are:

  1. Call a lender.  Your lender will tell you what size of loan, your monthly payments, and what type of home you are qualified for.  Knowing your loan amount & the type of home will allow us to quickly find properties in your price range.  Knowing your monthly payments will help you budget (and reduce stress).  I know some excellent local lenders, call me for their contact information: (530) 888-0287.

  2. Go hunting!  Once we know what kind of home you’re looking for our team will take you to see great homes in your price range.  We don’t want our clients to miss the great opportunities so our team is hunting for you and we want you to have an advantage over all the other buyers.  

  3. Decide.  You’ll know when you see the right home.  You have my 30 years of negotiation experience on your side.   We negotiate the best terms for your new home.  Don’t be surprised if we steer you away from a home because of hidden problems that are easy to miss.

  4. Make an offer.  Although the agreement is lengthy, we will show you how to read it and answer any questions to help simplify it.  We can provide an example agreement for you to review before you start the process, because when you find the right home, there isn’t a lot of time to review the agreements at that time because we will be competing against other buyers.  Once your offer is accepted you’ll make a 1% deposit on the property.  However, a higher deposit when submitting an offer can make your offer appear stronger.  This deposit goes directly towards your down payment or closing costs.  Also if during inspections we find a problem that can’t be resolved this deposit will be returned to you.  

  5. Offer accepted.  Congratulations!  You will have our team on your side protecting your interests, taking care of the thousands of legal details, and making sure you are fully protected..  My team includes our agents, Transaction Coordinator, Escrow/Title Officer, Legal Auditor, Home Inspectors, etc.

  6. Submit your documents.  Lenders require LOTS of documents from every home buyer.  We will guide you through the process.  If there is nothing to do, you can rest knowing we are taking care of the details.  We update you daily with the progress of what has been complete, what is next, and what we will need from you.  You will know what is coming around the corner.

  7. Inspections.  Together with the leading licensed inspectors in the industry.  You will get detailed and thorough investigation reports of the home.  We will review all the reports together and negotiate the repairs with the seller.  This is where people can quickly lose 10’s of thousands of dollars if they don’t have a seasoned negotiator on their side.  We have several ways to create a win for our clients at this very important stage.

  8. Order an appraisal.  You are insured that  you will never overpay for a home, because your lender will send out an appraiser to evaluate the property.

  9. Final Walk Through, Approval, & Escrow.  When the repairs are complete, and we are near closing, we will do a final walk through to insure the home is in the condition we saw it and repairs are done.  Once the appraisal is complete and all conditions are met, your loan is underwritten and approved.  Next you will sign … in ink … the closing documents through Escrow.  Escrow is just a neutral 3rd party that ensures the conditions of the agreement are completed.   

  10. Get your keys! Once all documents are signed by the seller and buyer, they are delivered to the County. Once the County has recorded these documents, this is Closing!  Congratulations:  YOU GET YOUR KEYS!!!!

The JR Real Estate Team ensures sellers get the best buyer at the highest price and buyers get the best terms for a great home. 

To begin, call now: (530) 888-0287.

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